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  • Dr. Theresa Pulickal

Finding You: What is your Dosha?

1. My body type can be best described as:

a. Thin, slender with lean muscles

b. Medium build with good muscle tone

c. Large or stocky frame with little muscle tone

2. Which describes your weight maintenance?

a. I lose weight easily and have trouble gaining

b. I maintain even weight, plus or minus a few pounds

c. I gain weight easily and have trouble losing

3. My skin type can best be described as:

a. Thin, dry, or rough

b. Warm,reddish, and sensitive

c. Oily, hydrated, and thick

4.I find routine to be:

a. Challenging

b. Somewhat challenging

c. Quite comfortable

5. When it comes to planning activities:

a. I don't need to plan; I'm active

b. I have a plan and complete it

c. I'm happy if someone else does the planning

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