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Herbal Remedies

Recent Testimonials


I pride myself on my excellent service and strong communication skills. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences past patients have had with my services, take a look at a selection of their testimonials below.

Homemade Remedies


I always am so excited to meet a pelvic floor pt who also offers pelvic steaming! It’s really amazing to see the huge difference it makes and how much more quickly tissue will release, relax, and soften when you do a pelvic steam session prior to the pelvic floor physical therapy. It’s also so cool that it can balance menstrual cycles with so much ease. Theresa knows SO much and really takes the time to educate on so many things from sexual health to menstrual cycle health and period care. She is a wealth of information, trauma-informed, and an inclusive practitioner. I highly recommend going to see her!


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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


I had the pleasure of working with Theresa and she was absolutely amazing. I've been struggling with some stubborn clogged milk ducts and Theresa has been working her magic which significantly reduced the size of my clogged ducts. I have literally tried EVERYTHING!!! She massaged, did stimulation, used ultrasound therapy, in combination with cupping. She was very respectful and genuinely caring of resolving this issue. Such a great person and PT. I 100% recommend her!


Pelvic X-Ray


I'm in Mission Beach short term and needed PT and PT massage for neck and back pain post car accident.  Theresa is amazing.   She does so many techniques so she can really customize for what you need.  she has come to my home and I've gone to her space.... (which is how I found her in the first place).  She's also just a lovely person which makes the experience great!


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Cupping Treatment


I recently saw Dr. Theresa for upper back pain.  She is amazing.  She uses a variety of techniques and is extremely knowledgeable when deciding which treatment would work best.  She recommended cupping and the discomfort I was experiencing was alleviated with just one session.  She offers really high quality of care and I will definitely see her again and recommend her to any one out there.




Dr. Theresa Pulickal is awesome. She is such a lovely person and even a better therapist. She is very knowledgeable and is an expert with a wide variety of treatment techniques that she individualizes according to the patient's needs. I have had the privilege of working with her as well as being treated by her. She has such a pleasing personality and she is constantly driven by her aim to help people. I have had chronic neck pain that she evaluated and treated. I experienced significant relief after just one session! She has all the necessary equipment and knowledge for the treatment of a person as a whole; just like the name "Holistic approach therapy" suggests. She is truly amazing! I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with scientifically healing their body, mind and spirit as a whole!


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Theresa Pulickal just did a terrific session with me. I had some twinges in my right knee that had me worried and she was able to thoroughly test and diagnose what the issue was and relieve some of my deeper concerns.
She gave me some very specific exercises to do to strengthen the muscle groups in order to avoid future problems.
She promptly emailed me the instructions for the exercises and I found it in my inbox when I got home.
She did some wonderful massage for my neck and shoulders and explained in detail some corrective measures I could take to relieve some of the pressure in my upper back.
I'm giving all of this detail because I think it's important that for those of us who would like to be more involved with our own wellness, that we can find practitioners who are good teachers as well as a good therapists. Theresa is just that - an awesome practitioner and teacher!
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for sensitivity and intelligence in a massage therapist, rather than someone who just pounds your flesh!


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