Pelvic Steam

Pelvic Steam for Labor Prep

Includes set up of labor prep steaming at home, herbs, and sauna chair rental for 1 month. Add $100 for postpartum package bundle.

Pelvic Steaming for Menarche

Coming of Age set up at home. Includes herbs, and sauna chair rental.

Pelvic Steaming for Uterine Fatigue

Uterine fatigue is spotting, 2 periods a month, or spontaneous bleeding. Include set up at home, herbs, and sauna chair rental

Pelvic Steaming for miscarriage/abortion recovery at home

Using steam to assist removal of pregnancy matter and complete uterine reset, includes herbs, and sauna chair rental for 3 months. Typical treatment is 3 months or longer.

Pelvic Steam for postpartum and belly bind

abdominal binding and 30-day protocol for home v-steaming with postpartum herbs. Visit at your home, hospital, birthing center or our clinic to do an initial postpartum vaginal steam intake. A phone call or text check-in days 1- 7 days. Day 8-second visit. Day 30 final visit. Includes herbs and sauna chair rental for 30 days.

Pelvic Steam home set up for 1 month

Intake visit and steam with herbs. Includes sauna chair rental for 1 month

Pelvic Steam phone/video consult

video chat or phone call to guide your self steam set up and protocol.

Peristeam Hydrotherapist Professional Consultation on advance or complex cases

video chat or phone call for other professionals to consult on complex cases.

Pelvic Steam with Sound Vibration Healing

Pelvic steam that involves using sound vibrations to relax your mind and body

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