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  • Dr. Theresa Pulickal, PT, DPT

course available

There are so many awesome pelvic floor strength programs out there but many people do not realize they need to relax an over recruited pelvic floor until they have back pain, hip pain, tension across their jaw and upper traps, pain in the pelvic girdle and tailbone, maybe constipation or pain with penetration. With regular breath work, relaxing yoga poses and awareness modalities (like pelvic steaming) you can release tension in a hypertonic pelvic floor. When I see clients, 9 out of 10 need to release tension in their pelvic floor. I made a course so people can start working at home to self treat holistically and manage their symptoms and pain. The course is full of info and you can always go back and review the content. There is a section to ask any specific questions you may have and answered by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists. It is virtual therapy from the privacy of your own home!

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